Grouting Gromit – the final sprint

‘Grouting Gromit’ – the name has a ring to it don’t you think?


First of all I needed to get Gromit out of my kitchen as this was definitely something I didn’t want to tackle indoors – my kitchen would have resembled a mud fest and I had already made quite a mess already!   So I ran around  knocking on neighbours doors Wednesday evening looking  a little crazy in a cement laden apron in search of  volunteers to carry him out of the kitchen and into the back garden.


The weather had been sunny and hot all day so wanted to grout him in the evening when it had all clouded over otherwise the grout sets too quickly before you have  a chance to wipe it clean.  Light was fading quickly so I grouted the toes by torch light at about 10.00 in the evening!


BBC East Midlands popped in on Thursday morning (as they do!) to film me finishing off – the grouting of the ears.  Very tricky to look glamorous whilst grouting I assure you but here is the footage so take a look for yourselves…


6 thoughts on “Grouting Gromit – the final sprint

  1. Fantastic work Ju, What a brilliant experience. We might try and get down there this summer too to see him in situ. i’m sure Lily would love his sparkeliness.

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